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Automated Field Reporting for Law Enforcement

MobileAFRWorks™, Mobizent's mobile field reporting applications, provides law enforcement departments the ability to collect multiple forms electronically in the field from laptops or Handhelds.

MobileAFRWorks™, Mobizent's mobile Automated Field Reporting application, provides Law Enforcement Departments a complete set of Law Enforcement Forms that
officers can use for data collection and reporting in the field.

MobileAFRWorks is a suite of products that include:
  • Accident Reporting Form -- AccidentWorks
  • Crime Report Form-- CrimeReportWorks
  • Field Investigation Form--FIWorks
  • DUI Form-- DUIWorks
  • Tow Report Form-- ImpoundWorks
  • License Suspension Form-- DLWorks
  • Driver Retraining Request Form-- ReTrainWorks
  • FalseAlarm-- AlarmWorks
MobileAFRWorks™ suite can be installed on a Windows Mobile PDA or a windows based Laptop/desktop. MobileAFRWorks™ suite of products allow officers to quickly collect the required information in field on a PDA, sync the data to the server and complete the forms in leisure. Mobizent allows the office to complete the forms on the Mobizent MobileAFRWorks™ Website and printout the required PDF form. In addition the comprehensive back-office application collects the forms, so that officers can organize and e-mail them or send them to the next level for approval. The back-office application can easily integrate into existing RMS solutions or existing agency databases and systems for data interchange.

MobileAFRWorks™ can also operate as a stand-alone. It improves the accuracy of data collection by prompting correct responses, printing PDF Forms that match state
requirements, and eliminating the need to re-enter data into additional systems.

MobileAFRWorks™ is a cost-effective solution that reduces the amount of time spent writing reports, creates a secure record of the information and automates the reporting

MobileAFRWorks™ enables enforcement officers to accurately and effectively write reports by entering information on a handheld device. Officers are given the ability to select relevant information from pre-populated lists, which reduces time, effort and the potential for errors.

MobileAFRWorks™ ensures that the entire process is streamlined, from the initial entry of the information through the reporting and data collection analysis, to ensure that Law Enforcement Agencies save time and money.

Features of MobileAFRWorks:
  • Electronic data capture
  • Pre-defined lists and options
  • Printing receipt to portable printer
  • Advanced security features
  • Wireless or Direct Synchronization
  • Customizable to Department requirements

Benefit of MobileAFRWorks:
  • Simplifies report writing
  • Reduces paperwork
  • Ensures data integrity
  • Enhances data analysis
  • Increases officer productivity
  • Integrates with Department network
  • Voice Recording,