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Integration & Implementation

mobizent™ will be involved in all aspects of integration and implementation.  This will include tasks to deliver, install, set-up and formally accept the functionality of the entire Adaptable Mobility System. It is anticipated that once all hardware and system software is set-up, the mobizent™ Integration Team will re-run all the integration tests. After these Tests are re-run a formal Final Acceptance Test will be run. Typical deliverables include delivery of such documents as:


  • Final Acceptance Test Plan
  • System Test Reports
  • Operators Manuals
  • Users Manual

During the Implementation Phase, mobizent™ typically provides the following activities:


  • Install of equipment and the applications;
  • Re-Test;
  • Training; and
  • Transition.

During Integration and Implementation the mobizent™ Team will conduct the following major tasks:


  • Install Servers and Handheld Computers
  • Perform Site Preparations (docking station rooms and server sites) and installation of Core hardware and software to support full implementation including:
    • Central servers and related devices to support you and your environment,
    • Software including system and application software, and Interfaces,
    • Perform final data upload, if required;
  • Convert and load the devices as they get docked at all required Sites until all devices are uploaded with the adaptable software;
  • Produce a Test Report for the City’s approval including:
    • Device readiness,
    • LAN and local system readiness,
    • System Processes readiness,
    • External Interfaces readiness
    • Reporting, and
    • Redundant Processing and Recovery Capabilities readiness.

mobizent™’s objective of Integration and Implemention is to transition the system into a Support Agreement. The mobizent™ Integration and Implementation Team will work with you and your staff to determine a specific transition time. When the transition date has been established, the Integration and Implementation Team will schedule the movement of required files and equipment from the existing files. The Team will coordinate with you to assure that all transitions are switched smoothly to the new system at the appropriate time. Finally, mobizent™ will establish agreeable schedules for the transition period.