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Managing the Tenant for Housing Authorities

TenantMgr™, Mobizent's Web-based Tenant Management solution provide Housing Authorities with a customized Tenant Management solution built to allow Authorities to effective manage properties.

Mobizents TenantMgr™ software solution manages your tenants through an integrated relational SQL database that allows easy interface into other modules or a stand-alone approach. With the TenantMgr™ software will allow complete access to any Tenant Information across all properties and history in the system. The web-based solution provides information regarding the occupancy status of the tenant, their application and waiting list status, tenant complaints entered, their status of Accounts Receivable history and balance, their interview and certification status.

TenantMgr™ also provides an automated letter solution, providing users with the ability to send out standard letters to tenants base on triggered events. Each letter can be customized and scheduled for printing. E-mail features are also available for tenants that have that ability.

Additionally, the Software provides customizable basic tenant information such as address, alias names, family description, housing history, income, lease information that is maintainedwith selected fields available for housing specific requirements. The software also provides a ledger management solution for users, so they can view Account Receivable information, tenant late status, security deposit and any other balances the Housing Authority has provided for the tenant.

TenantMgr™, is a comprehensive back-office solution for Housing Authoirties. It provides the management and control of tenants by property to meet new HUD requirements for property management.

TenantMgr™ is a cost-effective solution that reduces the amount of time spent on manual letters and manual routing by allowing users to capture all the required information and approvals on the Website.

Features of TenantMgr:

  • Integrated Tenant Information
  • Integrated entry of information from multiple devices
  • Full reporting and exporting abilities
  • Advanced security features (signature validation)
  • SQL Database
  • Customizable to Authorities requirements

Benefits of TenantMgr:

  • Simplifies and streamlines Tenant mangement
  • Reduces paperwork
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint
  • Ensures data integrity
  • Enhances data analysis and visualization
  • Increases productivity
  • Integrates with Department network