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LobbyWatch provides a powerful Web solution to allow lobbyist to register and maintain their contacts with state and local government personnel.

LobbyWatch™, Mobizent's State Government based Lobbyists Registration Solution provides a Web solution to ensure that the general public and public office holders know who is communicating with the state government. Information submitted in registration forms is accessible to the public and the state government by visiting the Web site. Lobbying involves individuals who are paid to communicate with public office holders. A public office holder is defined broadly as any Government official.

This includes:
  • Members of the Senate and their staffs
  • Persons appointed to an office by the State Governor
  • An officer director or employee of any federal board, commission or other tribunal   
  • Members of the Armed Forces
  • Employees of federal, state and city departments

LobbyWatch™ is a powerful state web site that allows lobbyists to rapidly enter and maintain their communication with the state government. LobbyWatch™ has been designed to put government personnel in control of the lobby regulations by using industry standard requirements and an easy to use interface.

The LobbyWatch™ interface comes complete with commonly used controls (i.e., buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons and drop lists) that allow pages to be built in minutes, not hours. In addition, a gallery of built-in events and functions can be used to add complex application flow, business logic and database connectivity.

LobbyWatch™ is targeted toward helping the lobbyist enter and track how they are communicating with government personnel. This capability allows the lobbyist to perform a full host of functions with their data, including data entry, data look-ups, adds, edits and deletes. LobbyWatch™ uses the Powerful SQL language to manipulate data on the Webpage.

LobbyWatch™ gives you all the necessary tools and components any state will need to provide a compliant state solution. C their staff to record accurate GIS data and enhance their capability to gather essential information and identify patterns through analysis of the information recorded.

Features of LobbyWatch:
  • Rapid Development for New States, Cities
  • Full – featured Website -
  • Compliant with State Regulations
  • Instant Integration with Back-End Databases