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Managing Housing Authorities with Mobility

Mobizent's mobile work order and inventory solution is used by Housing Authorities to issue , track and manage critical tasks by their maintainence and inspection staff in the field.

WorkOrderWorks™, Mobizent's mobile property management tracking system is used by city governments and companies to issue and track completion of Work Orders efficiently. Mobizent' software operates on ruggedized Handhelds and tablets to automate Work Order issuance and remediation in the field to allow such things as public housing properties to be made available more quickly. In addition the solution has several comprehensive back-office applications to process the issued Work Orders. The back office applications can easily integrate into agency and federal databases and systems for data interchange.

WorkOrderWorks™ improves data collection, assists in enforcing standards, improves the efficiency and accuracy of inventory control, passively tracks your field workers, and eliminates the need to re-enter data into additional systems.

WorkOrderWorks™ is a cost-effective solution that reduces the amount of time spent issuing Work Orders, creates a secure record of the information an automates the reporting process.

WorkOrderWorks™ enables Workers in the field to accurately and effectively complete, remediate and track Work Orders by entering information on the Handheld devices. Inspectors and Maintenance personnel are given the ability to select relevant information from pre-populated lists, which reduces time, effort and the potential for errors.

WorkOrderWorks™ ensures that the entire process is streamlined, from the initial entry of the information through the reporting and data collection analysis, to ensure that you save time and money.

Features of WorkOrderWorks™:

  • Electronic data captare and pre-defined lists and options
  • Interfaces with existing databases
  • Advanced security features
  • Wireless or direct sync customizable to your requirements

Benefits of WorkOrderWorks™:

  • Simplifies WorkOrder process
  • Reduces paperwork and ensures data integrity
  • Enhances data analysis
  • Increases inspector productivity
  • Integrates with department network