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The mobizent Suite of Environmental Protection products helps city EPA organizations with a wide variety of mobile solutions, by providing products to inspect and track air and water quality, as well as provide a complete revenue generating mobile violation solution that can give warnings or tickets for air, water and noise pollution, as well as any other city ordinances that the EPA may be responsible for

mobizent has designed a set of specific EPA Inspection and Violation products that provide real productivity improvements in how the EPA conducts inspections and how it hands out tickets.
The mobizent EPA product suite provides Mobile front-end solutions for handhelds, tablets and mobile phones, as well as providing a synchronized web-solution that not only collects all the uploaded data, but also can provide interfaces to other agencies for open records information exchange.

Solutions include
  • Mobile Front-end Inspection Solution (iPhone, Android for phones, tablets, and laptops)
  • Mobile Front-end EPA Violation Solution, that provides a revenue generating ticketing solution
  • Mobile Back-office synchronized Web Solution to allow users to get to all the data and interface with back-end legacy solutions
  • Back-office mapping solution to track either inspectors or location of inspections, for air quality, water quality inspections conducted

mobizent has extensive experience developing mobile solutions for Android and Windows devices. The mobizent mobile suite includes components for mobile database synchronization, wireless printing, GPS data capture, compliance entry, photo and voice note entry. Learn more about our solutions, and how it can work to reduce cost or even generate revenue in your communities. mobizent product include.

Product include