reducing the homeless with effective apps

homeless services

The Suite of Homeless product s helps cities manage their homeless, by providing solutions to interview, track and record medical information for each individual in real-time. has designed a set of products that goes beyond HUD compliance, by providing Mobile front-end solutions for handhelds, tablets and mobile phones, as well as providing a web-solution that not only collects all the required data, but also provides interfaces to shelters and hospitals for available beds and open records information exchange.

Solutions include
  • Back-office Web HMIS Solution
  • Back-office mapping solution to track homelessness and homeless interviews conducted
  • Mobile Front-end Homeless interview and tracking location Solution (iPhone, windows mobile, tablets, laptops)
  • Multi-agency/Outreach provider Interfaces
  • Multi-shelter and Hospital Interfaces

Product include

Homeless Chk

Contacting the Homeless in the field

Homeless Map Trac

Mapping the homeless for Cities

Homeless Mgt

Effectively Managing the Homeless for Cities.

You can trust the  Homeless solutions because it was being used for all the homeless tracking in NYC. Support your critical decision making with maps, system reports, real-time dash-boards and more. also provides a consumer based homeless tracking application on your iPhone, that allows the public to enter the location of a homeless person with an iPhone application.

Learn more about our solutions, and how it can work to reduce homelessness in your communities.