adding value with ways to track your assets


Mobizent provides manufacturers with easy-to-use, high-quality and fully-integrated mobile asset management and inventory solutions front-end with a complete back-office solution that enable manufacturers to:

Maximize efficiency and reduce costs by providing users the ability to manage their assets in the field and provide real-time views into the production data, inventory, and costs, making it easy for user to add inventory, subtract inventory from a handheld, phone or laptop to find problems before they happen.

Provide operational transparency by enabling manufacturers to see all areas of their assets and inventory more clearly—from each warehouse and each location of inventory.

Achieve business process improvements by integrating a mobile/field service handheld solution that is integrated into either mobizents back-office
asset management solution or to provide a unique interface into your existing back-office solution

Today’s in the field manager is faced with critical inventory decisions that often need immediate attention. Remote visibility into any inventory allows situations to be addressed immediately, no matter where your managers are, so that any downtime can be avoided.

If you equip your field management teams with handheld mobile computers and Manufacturing software they can easily manage their inventory as well as email, estimating and scheduling, inside and outside the warehouse.