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The mobizent Law enforcement suite of products enables law enforcement and criminal justice organizations to provide Mobile Ticketing, Automated Field Reporting (AFR) and Mobile ID through the use of mobile handhelds and mobile phones

The mobizent Mobile Field Reporting Product Suite delivers turnkey mobile solutions to meet the needs of any law enforcement or criminal justice agency. The features of the product suite include not only Ticketing, Tow Report, DUI, License suspension, Accident Report, MobileID, Field Investigation,Driving Retraining and Crime Report but a complete back office solution to allow the uploading of these forms and the centralized administration of the forms, the officers and the devices.

Product include

The mobizent mobile Law Enforcement Product Suite gives users access to mission-critical information from any wireless mobile device, or any mobile phone. The Mobile interface provides a consistent look and feel, regardless of the hardware configuration. The mobizent installation and updates are automatic and transparent to the user. Production changes made at the back-office Server will automatically be disseminated to all appropriate mobile clients upon their next login.

Agencies seeking mobile law enforcement solutions should look no further than the mobizent Mobile AFR Product Suite.