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Does your job depend on you gaining a comprehensive understanding of mobility and new mobile applications for your mobile device? If so, then you need to attend Mobizents instructor led training course that covers the fundamentals, differences and evolution of your mobile application, technologies, standards, services, and connectivity selections. Our training courses will explain the fundamentals, demystify the phone, sensor and printer connectivity (RF) technologies and simplify the operations of mobile applications in the field.

In the next three years over 35 competing and incompatible mobile radio technologies, alternative networks and associated standards will be deployed and operational in the United States and thousands of applications on each of these networks.

By attending our training, you will understand the strengths, weakness and differences of each and their impact on your business, products, and services.

The course’s curriculum is suitable for professionals new to mobile and mobile applications in the field and those needing an update on the latest technologies, products, networks, services, standards, and trends. While the course can cover the mobility networks, we focus on the development of applications and the fielding of your application for your business. We simplify complex technologies so you won’t need any software engineering degree to understand them.

This training course you will understand:
  • How your application was developed
  • How to field your mobile application
  • How the best architecture was selected for your mobile application
  • How the various types of your mobile and cellular networks connect, route, manage and authenticate data communications
    Security & privacy
  • Data communication handling and throughput capacities

This training course is taught by senior program managers from mobizent as well as senior software engineers that have experienced the good side and bad side of developing and fielding applications for a variety of users. This course is offered in two formats:

  • Instructor lead Announced Courses at our facility in Edison NJ
  • Instructor lead private courses designed for you at your company anywhere in the world.