building vmware solutions for today

vmware consulting

Mobizent provides a complete team to support any VMware consulting project. Not only do we provide high-quality engineers for your project directly, but we will also support this team with our in-house experts at all times. You can also determine the budget with either a one-time cost or an hourly cost.

When you contract with mobizent as your vmware contractor/consultant, we will make sure you understand the true cost for a turn-key solution of VMware by evaluating all of the requirements you have and making sure nothing was overlooked, to include:

  • Licensing
  • VMware licensing
  • Server configuration and licensing
  • Storage Network requirements
  • Network switches and routers
  • Cabling

A VMware cluster is capable of supporting anywhere from a few VMs to several hundred VMs, depending on how it is configured and what Edition you choose.

Configuration analysis includes:
  • vmware configurations
  • Up to 40 VMs in a cluster
  • Growth requirements

The mobizent team will also help in specifying the SAN hardware to include pre-configured or customized. Pre-configured are fully-populated with RAM. This can be very important when determining any growth requirements and version requirements. mobizent will specify all the hardware you need with diagrams so it is easy to select a vendor for your solution. Mobizent will recommend that latest CPUs and specify the DIMMs and ensure there are expansion slots available for additional NICs

If mobizent provides the installs, upgrades, or updates a cluster,  will make sure everything is correct and labeled for your ease of use to include:

  • Color-coded cables
  • Full cable map and labeling
  • Back-up conducted of Installation
  • Media provided for installation for each server case

Mobizent will provide all required documentation. The documentation will not replace vendor documentation but provide a record of every setting, connection, address, and username that is unique to the installation

The mobizent consultants will have a minimum of 7-years’ experience with VMware deployments and will be your primary point-of-contact throughout the project. Knowledge-transfer will also be included in each project and we hope that your engineers will work with us to ensure a very smooth transfer and training.

mobizent is committed to quality, and the better we both know the system, the better it will be for you and mobizent.